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Thursday, October 26, 2006


i need an asylum......coz finally i have cracked.........
well coz i have started to laugh and cry at the same time without any apparent reason....i have basically stopped doing anything at all......i have been screaming shouting laughing for no cause.....and hence very very big need is an asylum complete with a soundproof room where i can just scream and cry and laugh......
the whole insanity of the situation is that i know im going insane.....does that make sense?
i have been told ...."forget it".......hmmmmm well i guess insanity is the only way u erase ur memory so is their suggestion acting up on there own?? maybe......god bless them i think they should start suggesting themselves some things... ....
im in a rude mood today happens when u sleep too much i guess.......
well .....
can u sell sand?
im sure
it wud make very good business.......
sand castles are
what everyone likes to make.....
and yet
they wash away
with one wave....
and well by next morning
it is but only a dream
so sell sand
that washes away
the fastest
and hence
needed by people the most
im sure,
a lot of people are buyers
coz dreams dont cease
they will cease
once u sell sand
i have some in my pouch
want it?
i sell it cheap......
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