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Monday, December 19, 2005

from rushabh to me..... part-2

man over centuries has found answers to everything and anything in this world... space and beyond... but after all those lightyears... what still confuses him the most is that little 50 grams between his ears... the human mind... and it shall never be cracked... never... thats the way its meant to be... now there are two ways of you learning this... either you learn the hard way at you're deathbed and 87 years of age that you are no closer to the answer then then you were a good 65 years ago... that is now... in fact you're further away from it (the answer) and still craving and looking... or the simpler (more advisable way) to stop trying to solve these puzzles... stop loking for answers... and over a period of time the more you forget about the questions and looking for the answers... the faster and automatically by some unknown means the answer will come to you... its like a musician... you can force yourself to sit down with a pen and paper and try and write down lyrics for a song and it just dont happen... hours and hours the pages and torn and thrown away... the music and words are in your mind but they just dont come out... they stay in there... moving... teasing... then when you just give up... days later... in a bus or in the loo it just hits you and u write down within twelve minutes what maybe the best lyrics you have ever written... answers to life are like that...
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