Saturday, June 29, 2013


For last few days
I am asking myself a question-
Why, why such things happen:
Thousands of unsuspecting lives
Perish in nature's fury,
Mountains tumble,
Rivers desert the course
They themselves charted?

Something within asked me
A counter question:
Why didn't you try to feel
The unbearable pain I endured
For hunderds of years
To give birth to beautiful meadows,
Majestic trees in the jungle,
Or that divine fragrance of Kasturi
In the navel of the nimble footed deer?

You choked the meadows with
Torn packets of Gutkha and chips;
Soiled the banks with excretas
While enjoying a day of rafting;
Put the junle to fire to plunder the woods;
I didn't like it.

I replied: I wanted to enjoy the nature.
It said: So be it. Enjoy!

- Amar Mudi

My father is an author, poet, bengali translator and is worse than me at maintaining blogs. So i keep posting some of his poems on my blog from time to time. Please do read and comment. 
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Kyra said...

The river did not desert it's course, it deserted the man who would not treat it with the tenderness, care and respect it deserved.
In the garb of enjoying nature, we go about plundering it, and then we wonder why nature rose, rose like an inferno and devoured all in it's rage.