Friday, April 03, 2009

love stories

Here by the side,
And look away, 
And not just into the sunset,
Which you say looks like my eyes,
But into the burning edge of the earth...
Watch it burning black, turning into a sillhoutte...

That you claim to be, 
Complete, with your outlines defined...
Look into the mirror 
And all you will see is darkness,
Darkness within the defined outline of you...

Your absolute is by me...
And i walk out...
Stand right there, 
And dont reach out...

I am the sunset,
I am beautiful,
And as all beautiful things are...
i destroy.

picture (C) aparnamudi,
hrishikesh, march 2009
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delhidreams said...

i give birth, i destroy
loved it my "sunset poetess"
yaad aaya, jaise ye naam maine hi rakha ho kabhi

How do we know said...

ooof!! not all beautiful things destroy... but you have the poetic licence there :-)

I like this poem.. like dark chocolate again.

Photogenic Devil said...

.its really very good
kudus to you